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stamps-dot-com (Nasdaq:STMP)

Sep. 10, 2017   Category: Stocks

Why didn’t I buy this stock 2 years ago when it came onto radar. I have a screener that looks for companies that are growing and show some value… as is the way with Peter Lynch’s PEG ratio.

Also, (NASDAQ:STMP) made my watch list because it made a lot of sense to me. There is a trend in individuals who are selling their products online through sites like ETSY. This company helps those people by making allowing them to print postage from their homes and home offices. I know people who actually use and are highly successful business owners.

As Peter Lynch would say, your own experience counts as valuable research that Wall Street professionals don’t have. I missed out on buying this stock two years ago but I might still buy in at this price. I’ll have to do a little research first.


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