The advantage of being an unsophisticated investor

No one could accuse me of being a sophisticated investor. I don’t have an M.B.A. I never studied accounting. I’ve never worked on Wall Street (and never will). The reasons for why I don’t qualify as a professional investor are many. Too many to list. Despite my lack of pedigree, I’m successful at finding worthwhile […]

Should you sell your shares in Apple?

My mother asked me this question a couple of days ago. Shares in Apple dropped 10%. Tim Cook admitted iPhone sales in China were poor. Before this day, Apple shares had already dropped 35% from its high of $233. Apple… No Longer a Great Investment? For investors, Apple has for a long time been a […]

Best and Worst stocks of 2018

This is a fortuitous time to be looking back at 2018’s best and worst stocks. As I write this the Dow Jones has dropped over 4000 points since it’s high in October. You’re wondering, “How could this possibly be a good time to talk about stocks?” It’s because one of the most valuable lessons of […]

The Best and Worst Stocks in my Peter Lynch portfolio from 2017

This year, like every year, was a year in which I made some good decisions… and some bad ones. No investor ever goes without taking some hits to their pride. I’m no exception. I’ll start with three of my worst decisions. The Worst of 2017 Neulion (TSE: NLN) I lost 50% of my investment in […]

High Earnings Yield benefits long-term investors

I found this great video interview with value investor Joel Greenblatt. I agree with his assessment on pretty much everything in this video. Greenblatt says, “High earnings yield now, means there are low expectations for the future. Those are precisely the stocks that institutional managers, who are worried about doing well in the next year […]