An Unlikely Growth Stock Sitting Right Under your Nose

One of the things I love about using Peter Lynch’s method for picking stocks is it gives amateur’s like me a chance to use my everyday experience to spot investments. That’s exactly the story with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). You’d never guess it to look at it but Microsoft is growing. It’s transition into cloud computing and […]

A Peter Lynch spin-off stock you’ll want to consider for your portfolio

As Peter Lynch mentions in his book One Up on Wall Street, spinoff’s can be a great investment for several reasons. Often the spin-off is well capitalized by its parent company and has a strong balance sheet. It’s value isn’t being recognized under the parent company. The parent spins it off so it can grow […]

NetEase up over 14% after strong earnings

NetEase the video game maker beat on earnings and the stock price is climbing. It was expected $3.04/share in earnings but earned $3.43/share. It has a couple of popular titles like, Onmyogi and Crusaders of Light both whose sales were strong. They also recently announced plans to expand into e-commerce. As Peter Lynch suggests, this […]