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How it works

Step 1

Quantitative Analysis

We screen US and Canadian stocks based on Lynch's criteria for finding stocks. We look at metrics like the PEG ratio, the Debt/Equity ratio, and the Cash Position to determine if a stock is worth consideration.

Step 2

Qualitative Analysis

We place stocks into one or more of Lynch's categories by looking at factors like, the age of the company and the market it's in. This allows us to categorize stocks into Fast Growers, Stawarts, Slow Growers, Asset Plays, Turnarounds, or Cyclicals.

Step 3

Measure Progress

See the progress of stocks as their story unfolds. As stocks progress, their quantitative and qualitative analysis change. We help inform you with your decisions to buy, sell or hold the stocks in your portfolio.


Stocks are categorized into

Fast Growers
Slow Growers
Asset Plays

Here are a few of the stocks from the Premium content

Company Return

Apple (AAPL)


Activision (ATVI)


Stella-Jones (SJ)


We research thousands of stocks based on Peter Lynch's methods of stock analysis. If you want to save time on finding stocks for your portfolio, subscribe to our Premium content now.

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  • Stocks categorized into Fast Growers, Stawarts, Slow Growers, Asset Plays, Turnarounds, and Cyclicals
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